Easier Toll Free Provisioning

csf Corporation’s flagship product, 8MS, is the easy to use interface to SMS/800.

8MS was designed from the ground up by a group of former Bell Labs engineers to be a superior toll free provisioning system that eliminates traditional dependence on SMS/800. Developed originally as a standalone tool for large corporate customers, 8MS is now available to Resp Orgs of all sizes.

The key design principle for 8MS was to make provisioning faster and more efficient for Resp Orgs. Rather than force your toll free provisioning users to redundantly key in similar data (over and over again) with the possibility for error and lost revenue, 8MS uses modern computing techniques to speed up your provisioning and get your work done in less time.

Imagine spending less time keying in changes, and more time solving your critical business problems!

How is it more efficient?

8MS utilizes “mass change” capabilities to increase your toll free provisioning users efficiency. With 8MS you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend entering information into SMS/800TM You can also access our secure 8MS platform from anywhere (even home!) and it doesn’t require a Smart Card.

Ready To Start Now?

We invite you to experience the ease of 8MS for one month, absolutely FREE.  You will be able to perform all SMS/800 activities such as number reservation, activating simple or complex records, number or record queries, and so on.  Call us at 732-356-6999 and sign up for your free trial today.

Want to Read More?

Download our 8MS Overview by clicking on the link below.


8MS Overview Document (7 page PDF)

Find out more about 8MS Service Plans:

8MS Service Plans